Benedictine Leadership (Diaconal) Formation Program

Keep up with the reading and the weekly writing assignments (see Program Overview)
Trinity Diaconal Formation Program Overview (Updated 6/19/23)

Michael’s How-To Anglican Series
2023 Men’s Cohort Session Videos
2023 Women’s Cohort Session Videos

For the Life of the World (Schmemann)
Two Views of the Cross – Frederica Mathewes Green
Praying the Jesus Prayer – Frederica Mathewes Green
The Rule of St. Benedict (Benedict)
The Way of Christ (2022 Revision)
The Rule of Benedict (Chittister)
Getting Started with the Daily Office in the Household
The Lessons of St. Francis (Talbot)
The Liturgy Explained (Howard)
Learning Theology with the Church Fathers (Hall)
Book of Common Prayer (2019)
The Diaconate (Barnett)

OTHER READINGS (pdf and online)
How the Earliest Christians Worshiped (video)
Liturgy in the Early Church (article)
A Synopsis of Dix’s Shape of the Liturgy – John Worgul
The Didache
Ignatius’ Letter to Polycarp
Polycarp to the Philippians
Martyrdom of Polycarp
The Apostolic Tradition of Hippolytus
Celtic Monasticism pt 1
Celtic Monasticism pt 2
Celtic Monasticism pt 3